IED Course Policy


2009-2010 Industrial Technology Department

Classroom Management Policy

Mr. McCabe


Safety is the departments’ number one concern. The students will be expected to follow the safety rules for each course. If a student puts themselves or others in an unsafe situation, lab privileges may be revoked. At that time the student, deans, and the parents will be informed of the actions and the possible consequences for those actions.


TARDINESS (as defined in the Student Handbook page 38)

You are tardy if you are not in the classroom, prepared for class when the bell starts to ring. Tardiness is not acceptable because it disrupts class, hurts the morale of the students who are on time, reflects a negative attitude toward the class, creates disruptive problems in the halls, and develops a habit which may make future employment difficult.


ATTENDANCE (as defined by the Student Handbook page 35)

Regular attendance is a mark of a mature sense of responsibility, and is essential to a student’s success in school. It is not possible to make up the learning experience that come through listening to a full explanation of the facts and concepts, participating in classroom discussions, and processing the ideas and questions of others. Therefore, regular daily attendance must be a priority of each and every student. When an absence does occur, it is necessary for the student to seek out and complete assignments.


VANDALISM / THEFT (as defined by the student Handbook page 53)

Vandalism or Theft of any nature will result in appropriate action by the administration. Such offenders will also be required to make necessary restitution for all charges pertaining to the incident.


ACADEMIC DISHONESTY (as defined in the Student Handbook page 40)

Students are expected to present only their own work for grading.  Any student caught cheating or allowing another student to use their paper for cheating purposes shall receive no credit for that assignment and receive a phone call home and a dean’s referral.



If for any reason a substitute was needed cover the class, it is expected of the students to act upon their best behavior.  Failure to comply with the substitute is a bad reflection upon yourselves as Warren Township First Class Students and upon your teacher. Students who decided to act inappropriately will receive a phone call home and a dean’s referral.



The department will follow the Warren Township High School Policy for Grading. Grades will communicate a student’s academic performance in a timely fashion and will be available prior to each progress report. Grading practices will reflect consistency regardless of teacher as much as possible.

Semester Grades will be based between 80% -90% of the Course Grade and broken down into subcategories depending on each course.

Final Exam Grades will be based between 10%-20% of the Course Grade.


Grading Scale for Course Grades:

A 100%-90%  B 89%-80%    C 79%-70%    D 69%-60%    F 59%-0%

The Project Lead the Way course breaks down as follows: 


80% Course Requirements

+ 20% Final Exam

= 100% Overall Semester Grade




20% Class Work



20% Tests/ Quizzes



20% Participation



40% Projects





Participation is worth 5 points each day.  One point will be deducted for tardiness to class.  Students will be warned before any other points are deducted.  Students who are not present in class will not be awarded participation points.  Participation points can be made up during scheduled open lab times.  To make up participation points the student must make the instructor aware of this intention BEFORE staying for open lab. Participation points will be posted in the grade book at the end of every calendar week.


Students are expected to act in a professional and first class manner while in class. 


No food, gum, candy, or drinks of any kind are allowed in the classroom.  Students will be asked once to remove such items.  Continued use of these items will result in loss of participation points and detentions. 


Use of technology and/ or internet is expected to be handled properly as outlined in the student handbook.  (as defined in the student handbook page 39)


No e-mail, journal, blog, myspace, or video game type websites are allowed to be visited. These websites serve no academic purpose for the purpose of THIS class.  Visiting these websites will result in the loss of participation points and computer use.


The washroom or other similar facilities should be used prior to class time. 



In case of a fire, tornado, or other emergency students are expected to follow the instructor through the particular safety procedures.  Students are expected to stay with their class and instructor. Students are not allowed to talk with students from other groups and students from other groups are not allowed to join our group. 



Students will be required to pay for all consumable materials. 

Students will receive a portfolio and Engineering Notebook for storing their work. 

Students should make sure that they are prepared with a writing utensil everyday in class. 


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