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The Khan Academy is a wonderful resource to receive free tutoring. It is completely free and requires no passwords. There are over 3,300 lessons right now, primarily in math and science. However, more lessons are being added every day in other subjects. Check it out!


More information about the Khan Academy and its founder:

A man named Salman Khan started something called "The Khan Academy" a few years ago. It is the most exhaustive list of free, on-line tutoring lessons anywhere in the world.  Khan is an ex-hedge fund analyst who has a BS in Math, a BS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and an MS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science all from MIT. He also has an MS from the Harvard Business School.

Khan left his job as a hedge-fund analyst a few years ago to start a non-profit in which he teaches free lessons on-line in Math (from addition to Calc), Science, business, economics and finance. Khan's intention isn't to replace classroom instruction, but rather to supplement it and provide on-line tutoring.  He has about 1,200 lessons posted.

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