Warren Stadium Club


The Warren Stadium Club was formed in 2005 and was then called SCORE. This was changed in 2008 to the Stadium Club. The mission then, as now, is to bring field turf to Warren's O'Plaine Stadium. There was considerable interest in 2005 but lack of funding shelved plans. There was a resurgence of interest in 2008 but the economic downturn again forced plans to be shelved again.


In the fall of 2010, the Stadium Club was again revived and this time, the "turf field of dreams" became a reality in 2011. However the work of the Stadium Club has not ended; it is only just beginning. The turf was installed based a commitment that the citizens of Gurnee and District 121 will contribute $400,000 over 10 years towards the installed cost of the new turf field. In addition to contributions from various organizations the Stadium Club will have an annual mulch fundraiser to help with the cost.

Warren Township High School District Number 121 is a governmental unit.  Charitable contributions to governmental units are tax-deductible under Internal Revenue Code Section 170(c)(1) if they are made for a public purpose.  We certify that we are a governmental unit and that contributions to Warren Township High School through WTHS-Stadium Club will be used for such a purpose.  Our federal tax identification number is 36-6004899. 




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