WTHS Choir

Vocal Velocity 2014-2015

Thanks to all who auditioned!




Stephanie Habel

Music: Matt Oye

Dance: Maya McGowan and AJ Lingad


The Gals:                                                                                                            

Stephanie Habel                                                                                                                                           

Maya McGowan                                                                                              

Taylor Cygan                                                                                                     

Anna Skelton                                                                                    

Carla Stelsel                                                                                                       

Jamia Rockingham                                                                                          

Brianna Bozek                                                                                                  

Sami Salmi                                                                                                          

Marisa Perry                                                                                                     

Mallory Lense                                                                                                   

Erin Seikmann                                                                                                  


The Gents:

Matt Oye                                                            

AJ Lingad

Brian Urquhart

Diego Martin

Michael Rice

Michael Knighton

Brian Kim

Nick Roman-Ahlgrim                                                      

Jaylen Davis

Jared Garner

Kyle Cassidy




 The Warren Choral Program consists of 4 curricular choirs and 2 extra-curricular choirs.  At the O'Plaine campus there is a Freshman-Sophomore Concert Choir and a Sophomore Treble Choir. At the Almond campus there is a Junior-Senior Treble Choir and an auditioned Junior-Senior Concert Choir.  The extra-curricular choirs are Blue Tones - a girls only group, and Vocal Velocity - a mixed swing choir.


Ms Natalie Colgan is the Director of Choral Music!



Stephanie Habel

Music: Matt Oye

Dance: Maya McGowan and AJ Lingad


The Gals:                                                                                                             The Gents:

Stephanie Habel                                                                                               Matt Oye                                                            

Maya McGowan                                                                                               AJ Lingad

Taylor Cygan                                                                                                      Brian Urquhart

Anna Skelton                                                                                                     Diego Martin

Carla Stelsel                                                                                                        Michael Rice

Jamie Rockingham                                                                                           Michael Knighton

Brianna Bozek                                                                                                   Brian Kim

Sami Salmi                                                                                                           Nick Roman-Ahlgrim

Marisa Perry                                                                                                      Jaylen Davis

Mallory Lense                                                                                                    Jared Garner

Erin Seikmann                                                                                                   Kyle Cassidy

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