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Fee Payments/Optional Purchases

Click here to log into your student's account to pay general fees, course fees, workbook fees, parking permits, and purchase optional items etc.

Residency Information

Click here for information on residency requirements and affidavit forms.

School Nurse/Health Center

Click here for required immunizations, physical forms, and optional health forms. **Important for incoming freshmen to view**

State and Federal Financial Assistance

Click here for fee waiver and free/reduced lunch information and applications.

2013-2014 Student/Parent Handbook

Click here to access the 2013-2014 Student/Parent Handbook.

Athletic Information

Click here for athletic information and to navigate to our athletic website.

Yearbook & Creations Ordering/Yearbook and ID Photos

Click here for information on Yearbook & Creations purchasing and Yearbook/ID Photos

New/Transfer Students to the District

Click here If you are a 'new/transfer' student to the district (not entering from one of our feeder schools as an incoming freshman).

Parent Notification Letters

Click here for required notifications regarding asbestos and pesticide applications.

Registration Mailing/General Information

Click here to access dates, times, fee payment deadlines and the registration information letter that was mailed home to all returning students and incoming 9th grade students from our feeder districts.

Student Insurance

Click here for information on purchasing non-school related accident coverage.

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