iPad Information

iPad Pilot Program

Warren Township High School is running an iPad Pilot Program for the 2013-2014 school year..


The following links are to important documents and instructions discussed at the start of school for all iPad classes.  Please refer to these documents for reference.  


2013-2014 iPad Setup Instructions

This was shared with the students on the first of class when their district iPads were delivered.

Creating an Apple ID with or without a credit card

Click this link to view step-by-step instructions for creating an Apple ID with a credit card or without a credit card.

Using a Hot Spot printer

Click this link for directions on how to use the hot spot printers available at WTHS.  These are the only printers that iPads and other student devices can print to at WTHS.

WTHS Authorized Use Policy

Click this link to view the WTHS Authorized Use Policy. 

Electronic Device Policy Pages from the 2012-2013 Handbook

Click this link to view the new Electronic Device Policy. 

iPad Insurance Policy

 Click this link to view the insurance policy covering the iPads at WTHS.

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